Villains sometimes teach us more than the “good characters” in movies

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Until recently I realized that I have always identified more with the villains than with the heroes of the movies or series. I remember that because I always supported the bad guys, on more than one occasion I ended up fighting with my friends when we watched a show together. In the end, they even teased me or called me a traitor because I didn’t support the main character. Why would I have to support someone I don’t like and who on many occasions made me despair? Yes, I will always be team villains.

Villains are not bad

Like I said, contrary to what we think, villains are not bad beings. The last series I saw was Jane the virgin because I had seen many publications where they claimed that Petra was the villain of the series. That intrigued me and I opted to watch the series. After seeing her, I declare myself a total fan of Petra and I must say that she is a villain. However, with her I verify what the psychologist told me. I tend to see beyond the physical and that’s why I like to support the villains.

Why with the bad yes and with the good no

At first I was a little worried that he had some mental or psychological problem and that because of that it was that he supported evil instead of good. However, talking to my therapist I was able to realize something. She told me that she had an affinity for “bad” characters because she appreciated more than meets the eye. Villains always turn bad because of a great disappointment they have had. So they are angry and heartbroken people who seek revenge for something that has been done to them. That is what I see, I do not look at everything they do to achieve their goal, but I go beyond what is seen with the naked eye and that is why I feel so much empathy with them.

Maybe it has also happened to you with some characters and there is nothing wrong with that. By the way, who is your favorite villain?


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