Types of depression, learn to identify the one you suffer from

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Depression is a complex condition that most of the time has no obvious cause. In fact, sometimes you can manifest symptoms in yourself without knowing for sure whether or not you are depressed. The causes of depression are difficult to identify. The truth is that it is not like a cold that goes away with rest, some ginger tea and some pills. Some people have a genetic predisposition to be depressed. There are many types of this alteration. Here I will only present four, the most common. Perhaps with this explanation you will begin to realize that the state of mind you are going through at this moment is not so normal.

Genetically based depression

This depression occurs when various chemicals in your brain are low. These chemicals are what regulate mood and emotions. Known as neurotransmitters, these chemicals are serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. A girl prone to depression feels a rapid downward spiral of emotions when something bad happens to her. It is an abrupt change, because neurotransmitters drop. This is how your behavior and patterns of your thinking are affected. Treating this depression is important as medication is needed to eradicate the symptoms.

By trauma

In toIn some cases, the disturbance is triggered by early traumatic experiences, how to be abused, abandoned or neglected in childhood. It is also called developmental depression and is caused by insecure upbringing that turned a very vulnerable child into an unhappy adult. Childhood trauma can create feelings of sadness and loss in adulthood. In adults it is something that can start with insecurity and can hinder work and emotional development.


Some situations, such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or a life-threatening illness can cause or contribute to it. We all feel bad when something serious happens, but it becomes a clinical depression when sadness lasts for a long time. The person cannot recover quickly from a stressful problem.


This term is used to describe a severe and debilitating case of depression. Major or major depressive disorder significantly affect a person’s ability to function, and almost always requires professional medical intervention. It is likely that people with this disease have a genetic predisposition to suffer from it. It is also possible that it comes to light due to some trauma. Treatment will depend on the patient, as some treatments do not work the same for one patient as another.

If you feel that you are depressed, I recommend that you ask for help. It is not something so obvious in our day to day, but getting to the extreme of not being able to get out of bed certainly requires professional help.


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