Tips to control anger, the best thing that happened to me in quarantine

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Anger is an emotion that is tremendously misunderstood by most and mishandled by many people. On many occasions you must know well where the prayer comes from in order to learn to control it. It’s a way to protect yourself from other feelings that can be even more uncomfortable. How to control anger.

Where does it come from and how to control anger.

For example anger can come from: Feeling disrespected, devalued, helpless, powerless, ashamed or scared. Many people avoid addressing anger directly, usually out of fear of what might happen, how others will see them, or a commitment to seeing themselves in a certain light. However, suppressing anger can cause much more damage. When you are angry there are physiological sensations, conscious and unconscious behaviors that occur without you wanting it.

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How to deal with anger at work

At work, opportunities for anger are plentiful: the annoying coworker interrupting meetings, the boss taking credit for his ideas. We know it is a very difficult situation.

When anger consumes you, you can think about giving up your filthy job once and for all.But before you lose your job due to a fit of anger, you should think about doing some relaxation exercises, starting with breathing deeply to help the nervous system to lower the flight or fight response.

  • Take a deep breath when you find yourself in a stressful or complicated situation.
  • Try to know how to defend yourself if any injustice is being done to you.
  • Set very clear limits with your superiors so that they do not cross them.

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These little rules also work for the personal realm

Setting limits and maintaining effective limits is the hallmark of self-defense. Before you get exasperated because your partner did not do what you wanted, think that we are in an extraordinary situation and like you, he is not perfectly aware of what your brain thinks. The worst thing you can do is wait to be understood if you don’t talk to him or her.

Meditation, chanting, grounding, and distraction (with cognitive and somatic strategies) are helpful augmentations for a growing fight-or-flight response.

Get angry because it does good, but do not do bad for others. If you have children, teach them to vent their anger in constructive ways. Getting angry is human, it is a valid emotion. But even if this is valid it does not mean that it should be exploited.

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