Things only those of us who love cold days understand

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The cold days have finally arrived and those of us who enjoy this time so much are the happiest. It is a fact that everyone else looks at us ugly or complains that the heat is much better. However, if you enjoy it as much as I do, you will know that cold is 1000% better, right? If you don’t believe me, keep reading and you will understand that without a doubt, the winter season is supreme.

We can take out all the repertoire of sweaters that we have

Personally, I think winter outfits are the best. You can carry a nice coat and underneath wear a super warm blouse. If you want to give your outfit more style, you can add a beret or some very cute gloves. In addition, there are so many models of sweaters that there will be a different one for each day of the week or month.

We know that a warm blanket is our best ally

The nights get colder and if we don’t have a partner we can snuggle with, we pull out a super powerful blanket. In my case, I have a very large shearling blanket in which I can wrap myself like a roll and be well covered. The plus is that my cats snuggle with me and that keeps me warm every night.

We can wear a hat without being looked at as a freak

As I said before, hats are basic of the time and we can wear them at all times without any problem. Whether inside or outside the home. The best thing is that there are very cute models.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

Coffee or tea helps keep you warm and you can have as many cups as you like without being judged. In fact, there will be many people who will approach you asking for a little of your magic potion of the season.

Few understand how cool cold weather is

Cold days are much more enjoyable, indoors or outdoors because …

On cold days, you take off your clothes as the weather improves; but what about hot days?

People who hate cold days say that the heat is better, but I think otherwise. Why? Easy! On cold days, you start the day with several layers of clothing. You know, a jacket, underneath a sweater, underneath a shirt. Add a scarf, hat, and gloves. If you prefer, also some boots. As the weather improves and you stop feeling less cold, you take off your jacket and you’re done. In the end, you just put it back on and that’s it. On the other hand, with the heat, even if you take off all your clothes, there comes a point where you feel melted and you can’t do more.


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