The spiritual meaning of dragons

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Dragons are powerful spiritual representations. In many cultures of this world, dragons are untamed beasts that draw fire from their mouths. In some cultures they have wings and in others they are represented as snakes that contain impressive strength. No other mythological creature has been represented more powerfully than dragons.

Are dragons bad?

In fact no, in some cultures they are seen as wise, powerful creatures and sources of power. People who bring tattoos of them, usually look for a symbol of mystery and hidden emotions. As mythological creatures, dragons are associated with chaos, danger, and magic.

Know what your power animal is

But to all this what is its spiritual meaning

They are crafty.
Snakes are a main influence, so it makes sense that they are a symbol too. They represent cunning and are known for their deception.

They represent independence.
Like cats, they have distinctively feline features that symbolize independence.

In Europe, dragons generally are represented as hoarders or territorial, while in East Asia they are described as mystical or imperious.

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They are a symbol of strength. As a symbol of power in all cultures, dragons present the qualities that accompany power, such as change, vitality, majesty, and longevity.

Too they may represent a challenge or obstacle to overcome, just like the old fables of heroes who conquer dragons to protect or save what is important to them.

People who identify with this power animal tend to have a lot of vitality. Their scales can be the emotional protection that always accompanies them. This power animal is the one that accompanies many in difficult occasions, in situations where life seems too black, however it is an invitation to the light.


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