The ideal toy for your little one according to his personality

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Would you like to surprise your little one but don’t know what would be ideal for him or her? Do not worry! I’m going to help you with this little quiz, in which we will find out which is your ideal toy according to your personality, and you can also find everything at

1.-When your child plays normally he (she)

a) He prefers to go out to the patio. He likes to run, jump and move

b) Loves spending time on the computer or with video games

c) He likes to put things together, it is something that catches his attention

d) Make up their stories, while playing with their dolls or stuffed animals.

2.- Your child loves to play alone or with company

a) He loves to play with his friends

b) He prefers to play alone

c) He likes both things, both playing alone and with friends

d) He likes to play with his brothers and cousins

3.-At school your child shows skills in the area

a) Physical development: that is, your child likes games and sports.

b) Social and emotional development: your child is good at creating relationships with

c) Speech and language development: the little one is very good at
communicate verbally and in writing.

d) Cognitive development: your child easily memorizes things and
like to learn.

4.-How well does your child adapt to changes?

a) Very fast, my son has no problems with the changes.

b) He does not love changes, but adapts quickly to them.

c) Slow, my son is somewhat shy but after a certain time he accepts the changes

d) It is very difficult for my child to accept changes. He is a very sensitive little boy.

5.- How would you describe the intensity of the reactions that your little one has. For example, let’s say you are teaching him to ride a bike. How does he handle frustration?

a) It is usual that my son wants everything easy and fast, so he gets desperate because he can’t learn faster.

b) He is very intelligent, he takes things slowly but always with great emotion. Likes to learn new things.

c) My son takes the time to learn new things, he is silent and rarely asks for help.

d) My child loves to learn, but often needs more attention and direction from an adult.

6.- Speaking of attention and persistence, how would you define your son?

a) He is definitely persistent, when something catches his attention.

b) You have to be motivated to finish tasks.

c) Pays a lot of attention and is very dedicated as long as there is a reward.

d) He is very dispersed, he is very distracted by everything around him and it is difficult to make him fulfill his duties.

7.-Your child’s mood is

a) He is very smiling.

b) It is very serious.

c) Bad mood prevails.

d) It is very sensitive.

A Majority- A very free soul

Your little one loves movement and adventure.

For him or her there is no better toy than a bicycle or a devil’s skateboard
keep them moving, because exercise keeps them happy and
awake. Giving them one of these two options not only
will benefit them, but the whole family, since together they can go out to give
a walk in the local park and have fun like never before.

Majority of B – An intellectual child deserves challenges

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