The fear that many people will say eats your life, has it happened to you?

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How many times have you dared to be yourself without thinking about what they will say? I assure you that since you were a child your parents, your aunts and your grandmother have put a lot of ideas in your head of what a good woman should be. If you do not feel identified with this, I am very happy for you. Otherwise, like you, I grew up with a lot of beliefs that today are of no use to me.

The fear they will say has lived in my family for generations

Not only from my mother, unfortunately also from my father I have had to endure countless criticisms because things that seem perfectly natural to me. The fear that they will say has left many women and men in a corner wondering what it would have been.

It does not allow you to risk new things

It is something funny, because according to your family you are forced to follow the same patterns, because of what many dreams will say they remain unrealized. There are even people whose personality is diminished by being aware of what others say about them. It is like a prison from which it is difficult to get out.

We do not understand that we come to this world to live

We do not come to live to please our parents and much less we come to this world to please this society. If you don’t believe me, you can see the story of these people with great lives, who have changed the world with their ideas. We can all be that person, but for this we must have a high degree of congruence with what we think, what we do and what we say. Well, otherwise it is very likely that our life is just a cluster of beliefs that are useless.

Live inside the box or make your own way

During these last years I have tried to demolish the beliefs of my family, I must confess that with great fear I have tried to remain in the line that divides the painting and a new figure. The status quo will not get you anywhere either, it is very strange to think that your parents will stop loving you when you have finally stepped out of the box. You will understand that unconditional love is not governed by that picture, far from it.

You have everything it takes to be able to advance wherever you want, you just need to put in a little more effort and trust the process. Life alone is going to lead you to get out of the picture to good or bad. It depends on you.


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