Super effective dressing tips for mothers of young children

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Being a mother of young children is a real challenge in every way. If we focus on the topic of fashion, there are certain rules that should be proclaimed for the mother’s own welfare. Trust me, we often take things for granted and get every surprise. The worst thing is that those who are already moms, many times they do not give us those tips that would save our lives. That is why I have decided to share this valuable information with you.

Clothing layers

Wearing at least two garments on the chest will get you out of a lot of trouble. Why? Young children are learning to eat and may spill the juice or throw away food at various times. Choose to wear a shirt and top with a shirt or blouse. Thus, if one of the garments is stained, you have an extra one. Another option is to carry it in the bag with the baby’s things, but sometimes it is more uncomfortable.

What fabrics do?

Better to go for easy-to-wash fabrics like cotton. Consider that with children, you can end up with more stains than you imagine. In addition, cotton is a super cool fabric that will make you feel comfortable in any activity you do with your child.

Forget about white clothes

If you don’t want to ruin your favorite white jeans, you’d better leave them at home or wear them at times when your kids aren’t around. Think that accidents happen to you as an adult, that would be more delicate with your children present.

Additional features

  • Accessories, yes or no? Yes you can use them, but keep them discreet, short. So your children will not be tempted to want to grab or pull you.
  • Basic makeup. The nude color will be your best ally to give color to your face. Use a little mascara and you’re done.
  • All terrain footwear. Even if you love heels, leave those just for special occasions. For the day to day with your young children, opt for tennis.


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