Problems that you sometimes experience when you are not very expressive

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I am one of those girls who does not know how to react when a friend cries. I may never have the best words of comfort. That’s right, I hate sentimentality, because it doesn’t go with me and I think it can never be the opposite. At first I thought there was something wrong with me, but then I met more girls who go through the same situation. Now I understand that there is nothing wrong and that just as there are people who are very effusive, there are others who are not at all.

Kisses in the street, guácala!

When I go down the street I do not tolerate at all seeing people who are making out. It’s okay for people to want to show love to each other, but I think if they are going to suck each other, it would be better if they did it in the privacy of their home. What fault do we have to see them swallowing each other.

Romantic comedies, what a dream!

I, who hate sentimentality, rarely tolerate watching a romantic movie. In fact they seem really boring to me. The times my friends have meetings and I will go, they choose to make plans in which those movies have nothing to do with it. They leave the movies for moments when I won’t be there because they hate that I spend it complaining about everything they say there, ha ha ha.

I will never be the best company at a wedding or funeral

Because I hate sentimentality, I consider myself the worst person when it comes to comforting others. My friends know that if they talk to me to tell me that they have broken up with their boyfriends, they will not receive cuddles from me, but rude words. In fact they are the ones who come up to me to hug me while I look at them like weirdos.

Why do people talk about their feelings with everyone

I still don’t understand how people can talk about their sorrows or their feelings with whoever they come across. Maybe it is because I am very reserved, but I think that feelings are something that you should not talk about with anyone who is put in front of you. Or if?

How do I react to a compliment?

My friends say that because I hate sentimentality, I don’t know how to react when someone compliments me and what they think, they are absolutely right. When they congratulate me or give me a promotion, I don’t know if I should smile or just say “thank you.”

Don’t hug me please!

For me it is best when no one hugs me or if I have a boyfriend, not showing me affection in public. Those who already know me know that a simple “hello” is more than enough.

It is best not to talk about your feelings

In the best of cases, I prefer not to talk about how I feel. It is seldom easy for me to do so. So thanks to those few but valuable people who have stayed by my side.


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