Original Christmas decorations for your home this season

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Surely this Christmas you are going to decorate your house, but you want to get out of the usual ideas. The advantage is that there are always new options that you can choose from. So you can select the one that best suits your space, taste or needs. There are many ways you can bring your home into the true spirit of the age.

For entry

Striking colors such as red and green are those that are most related to Christmas. There are those who prefer to use gold and even super bright colors, such as pink, lemon green or blue. At the entrance of your house you can place a wreath of leaves and some spheres, in addition to the typical and beautiful Christmas Eve flowers. You can also place a snowman or Santa’s helper for a fun touch. Even your door could look like a huge gift. Just add fabric as a bow tie and the largest red or white bow you can find.


The interior of your home can also show off the Christmas spirit. From the kitchen to the bathroom, you can decorate your home with the most original ideas. In the bathroom you can capture a beautiful reindeer or a funny snowman in the toilet. If you want your kitchen not to be left behind, disguise your fridge as a gift or a snowman. Decorate the chairs with fun boots and a hat. It will seem like you have a lot of Santa’s helpers with you.

To decorate the table

Your table is very important in all this time, so place tablecloths that look like Santa’s outfit. Even your cutlery can have a very chic design that will make everyone want to go to your house to eat every day.

The ladder cannot be missing!

Your staircase is one of the most important areas in your home, no matter if it is inside or outside. Place spheres or dolls of the time that give it a lot of color to your home.

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