Myths you should stop believing about open marriage

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We have reached the time when we have to talk about open marriages, since it is something that is much more frequently giving something to talk about. Therefore today we will start with the typical myths

Open marriages are only open because it’s about sex

More than anything, it’s about honesty and communication. It is a form of marriage that is increasingly common today and of course it is not for everyone. Open marriage is not about just sex, it is rather a freer way to have a love relationship, where there are no secrets or infidelities.

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Both people have many lovers

Nope, the truth is that this is not true either. Although both she and her husband are free to have extramarital affairs. Both may or may not have them. The key here is that husbands are open about dating more people.

The bad thing about a love relationship is not always their fault

People in open marriages consider monogamy to be out of date.

It’s not real either, it’s just another way to experience marriage. Of course, in this world there are conceited people and we have to deal with them all the time, so that is not the case either.

Non-monogamous relationships are less challenging than monogamous ones.

Open marriage is not an easy way out for people who cannot control their sexual desire. Open relationships are often more complicated simply because they involve more than two people. How we all understand having a relationship with more than one person is hard and clear that it requires more work.

No matter what type of marriage you have, in the end it is an individual decision that must be made based on love and respect.


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