I’d rather stay single than relate to any toxic

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When you are single there are times when you miss being with someone. Life comes in stages and singleness does not necessarily end up finding a partner. Now that the world has so many doors to open, there are many girls who prefer to be single. Something very funny is that being a single girl, many times you turn to see the couples and you feel some nostalgia. You miss the cuddling … until you see the toxic relationships of others.

Better to be single than to be in a toxic relationship

Many girls dread being alone. I must admit that at some point in my life, I was one of them. Fortunately, as you spend a couple of years alone, you realize all the benefits that single life can do for you. Starting because the refrigerator is all yours, the cleaning of everything is at your charge and you do not leave dirty dishes all over the house.

Not everyone realizes toxicity

I stayed in a relationship of this type for years and it wasn’t until after a year that I realized that I was in one. It becomes so difficult to acknowledge that you are with a toxic person, that it is understandable how much you struggle to get out of that relationship. Honestly, emotional education has a lot to do with this issue. Yes they will teach us to set limits and what is a good relationship vs a bad one, perhaps we would all have the opportunity to have better relationships, but by spoiling we learn, no!

Being single challenges you to many things

I think it is a perfect state to be. You learn a lot about yourself being single, from the things you like and the things you don’t. You can also give your time and space to the important things, how to advance your goals and why not to have a better life. Single girls tend to take more care of ourselves. But not only that, single girls usually learn a lot by watching their friends’ relationships. It has been challenging for me to find some toxic glimpses of what my love affairs used to be. That does not mean that we are not going to make mistakes, we all end up making mistakes sometimes.

Although from time to time loneliness knocks on your door

You have to be careful, because looking for a relationship from the mentality of loneliness or fear is the worst option you can take. Deciding to share your life and space with someone else has nothing to do with feeling lonely. After all, to have a good relationship, you must first learn to be happy with yourself. Sometimes I feel that in my adolescence I did not give myself the opportunity to enjoy everything that I liked, because I followed my friends who had a boyfriend. Perhaps if I had waited, my steps would have led me to a better place.


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