I have learned that whoever wants to be with me will do so because it is born and not because I ask

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I must confess that before, for someone to want to be with me, I did and undo. You know, one seems like a juggler looking for the best strategies to keep the other happy. Yes, I did that for a long time and in many relationships. He always ended up putting these men on pedestals from which he could no longer lower them. At this moment, you might think I was a fool for doing that, but the reality is that many times we end up doing things that we vow never to do, for fear of losing someone we thought we loved and who loved us. The good thing is that from all those failed experiences I learned a lot. Now I am clear about who I am, what I want and where I am going. And yes, I learned that whoever wants to be with me will do it because they want to and not because I have to sell my soul to the devil for that person to stay.

Low self-esteem

The main reason a woman makes catastrophic mistakes is because she doesn’t have good self-esteem. The things we go through every day, problems in the family and much more, influence our way of being. However, they do not have to be definitive reasons why we behave in one way or another. In fact, as we become aware, we detect what is right and wrong. Obviously, it only depends on us that we really do something to be better. Nobody will give us a pill so that everything changes from one moment to another.

Acknowledge your mistakes, work on them and improve

The only way to make mistakes is by learning to accept that you make them. Many times out of pride, we do not admit when we water it or when we are the ones to blame. That does not leave us anything good and with the passage of time, we think that only others are wrong and that we are always right. The best thing is to accept when we have failed, analyze what we did and think what we would do to have a better response. That helps us open our eyes and be better people, day by day.

The right person

To begin with, it must be made clear that there is no perfect person. We all have mistakes, but the important thing is to know how to deal with them. It is best when you associate with someone who has worked on their demons, who has learned to accept their strengths and weaknesses, and works on them every day. As I said, we all have a tail to be stepped on and the best thing is to accept that and know how to handle it. When you fall in love with someone, you stop seeing their flaws because of the effect of falling in love. With the passage of time, you discover the true self and that is when the disenchantment begins. Loving someone for real means accepting them as they are and helping them to be better. It is not about wanting to change that person at your convenience, because then it is an interest. In love there is support, understanding, honesty, freedom and fidelity.

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