How to know that you are with the right person

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When we fall in love with someone who makes us overflow with emotions, we always have the idea that they are the right person. In addition to having the idea, we hope that he is the person with whom we will share many experiences. The problem is that nobody tells us that everything has an end and a beginning and that love is not that idea that they have sold us of the famous “happily ever after”. We always believe that we should stay with the same person despite the years and the damages, because that is how it has to be. Otherwise we will be going against everything that we believe is correct.

Falling in love covers your eyes

It has happened to all of us that, when we fall in love, we see the other as a perfect being. We want to do everything with that person, everything he tells us seems perfect and we only see the good things he has. It is something natural and spontaneous. It just happens in the way you least expect it and many times, with who you least expect it. However, things change as time goes by. As the months and years go by, that euphoria that was experienced at the beginning stops feeling the same way or with the same intensity. Unfortunately for you, it comes naturally and will happen in every relationship you have.

Everything is getting annoying

At the beginning of the relationship, you didn’t get tired of hearing everything your partner wanted to tell you. Even bad jokes were delightful to you. The same happens with calls, at first you looked forward to them and little by little it stops being that way. There comes a day when you no longer feel like talking for hours, but only the basics. Symptoms can vary from relationship to relationship; Well, in some relationships you may notice boredom, but in others anger.

Am I with the right person?

At this point, where everything seems monotonous, dire or boring, we often ask ourselves whether we are really with the right person. While you remember everything you experienced and all the sensations you had, you might want to experience it again but … with the same person or with someone else? Stop! Think carefully about what you want so that that way you can make a decision.

Nobody said that love relationships are perfect, the important thing is to know how to deal with the demons that each of us has. If we learn that first, we can deal with someone else. The problem is that most of the time, we interact sick with sick. It rarely happens that it is someone healthy with someone sick; although the best would be a relationship between two healthy people.

True love is about loving the person you chose, accepting them for who they are, and seeking growth for both of you. Never blame the other for your unhappiness, because you chose to be there. If you no longer feel comfortable, it is best to withdraw, before doing something that completely damages the other.


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