How to handle the subject of infantile masturbation with the little ones

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Talking about masturbation by itself is difficult. Imagine how things are then, if it is the subject of infantile masturbation. Even if you don’t like to talk about it, it makes you uncomfortable or scared, it is a reality that all children experience and the best we can do is prepare to give them the appropriate and necessary guidance.

Masturbation, shhhhhh

Masturbation has been seen as a bad thing for a long time, there are many negative biases around. It is related to the forbidden, the dirty, the bad. It must be made clear that masturbation is not dirty or prohibited, on the contrary, it is natural and helps us to know our body fully. Self-stimulation of the genitals helps us get to know our body and recognize where we like to be touched and how.

How to talk about sexuality with the kids

It must be recognized that masturbation is an aspect of childhood sexuality that parents do not know how to treat adequately. As adults we do not want to recognize that children are also sexual beings. However, it is better for them to learn what they need to do at home and not through exploration with someone else, which could cause them more harm than help. In fact, there is no medical or organic cause that explains why children do it; but it does not cause any physical or psychological harm.

Children do it because:

  • is part of the evolutionary development of children
  • get bored and experiment with their bodies
  • curiosity and exploration of your body

In addition, it must be made clear that the pleasure experienced by children is completely different from that felt in adulthood.

How to react

  • React calmly.
  • Do not scold or punish, because the child will interpret it as something bad and think that certain parts of his body are bad or dirty. You don’t want your child to feel guilty or complex about their sexuality, do you?
  • Teach the correct names for each part of the body.
  • Clarify any doubts you may have, using language appropriate to your age.
  • Don’t put it out there.

Do not treat the subject as a bad thing, because the child may think that he is doing something bad and will choose to do it secretly. Of course, pay attention to the signs, because if the child does it too often, it could be a sign that he is suffering some type of abuse by an older child or an adult.

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