Finding love being a very tall woman is problematic

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I’ve always been tall. At 16, I got to measure 1 82 cm. As always my friends and the mothers of my friends told me that I had a great future in modeling or basketball. I did not choose any, because my brain needs many more challenges than those, although I do like basketball.

When I was younger I longed to be little. Little girls always have suitors. I felt that none of the adjectives for being a girl covered them. Let’s say being delicate or cute didn’t suit a girl my height so well.

When at last a boy dared to ask me out

My nightmare started. As other girls watched the guys bat their lashes, I found that dating a tall woman made it impossible to look shyly standing in the eye. Giving the first kiss was half possible if I was sitting down and of course, when you have a woman of my size, clumsiness is usual.

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Of course it was not only the boys, but also the clothes

Many times I cannot find pants that fit well and skirts tend to look like belts for my height. It’s something impressive, but the prettiest dresses in the stores fit me as if I were going to work on the street corner. Of course if we talk about heels, people are always a thousand times more intimidated next to me with a pair of heels. However, I don’t plan on wearing flat shoes my whole life.

But going back to dating, I must confess that I have liked many men….

But most of them don’t reach my height, which of course doesn’t bother me. But men don’t feel very comfortable around me either. It’s terrifying when the men around me say “wow you’re very tall” I feel terribly offended, it’s silly I know.

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Over the years I learned that it is not about height but about confidence

It is clear that the perfect man for me is the one who has extreme confidence in himself. That way it doesn’t matter how tall, short, skinny or chubby the woman next to him is. Well, trust in a man works wonders. Certainly when looking for the ideal man think about his self-esteem. For tall girls this is a tip that can change their lives.

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