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Christmas is almost here and if you are dying of excitement, this article is going to enchant you. If it happens to you like me, surely you were waiting for the Day of the Dead festivities to end to start decorating your house, your office and all the places you go with something allusive to the December holidays, right? And it is that the Christmas season fills us with hope, altruism and goodness; that’s why it’s not uncommon for us to love it. But not only that, it also makes us happier. I’m not saying it, science says it.

Anticipating Christmas reminds us of our childhood

People like us, who have been smiling while we see hundreds of spheres, Christmas trees and little lights in supermarkets since October, we are happier. This is how the magazine explains it Journal of Environmental Psychology. And it is that when we begin to decorate for the Christmas season from an early date, our brain releases endorphins when we remember the feeling of happiness that Christmas caused us when we were little.

The Christmas season makes us more sociable

In addition, this scientific journal explains that the people who decorate and enjoy Christmas before, tend to be more sociable and kind people with those around us. This is because the anticipated Christmas spirit makes us feel better about ourselves and that translates into good deals for the people around us. In addition, this feeling reduces our levels of anxiety and stress, so that we can even work and concentrate better.

Enjoy without regrets

Now that you know what the holiday season and early decorating does to you, keep putting your decorations everywhere without worrying about what others think or say. Don’t let their bad vibes get to you and keep radiating love and happiness with your Christmas ideas.


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