Delay condom, everything you need to know about it

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We know that condoms are very important to your sex life. Condoms help us avoid the spread of sexual diseases or an unplanned pregnancy. Today, there is no longer only the basic condom. Companies have been in charge of creating new options to enjoy more privacy. The newest thing is the retardant condom. I’ll tell you more about him.

Retardant condom

It is made of natural latex rubber with lubricant. There are those who think that this condom only works in cases where the man has ejaculation problems. However, reality is different. The delay condom offers many benefits to the sexual encounter. Unlike other condoms, this one contains benzocaine (an analgesic substance that in small doses provides greater stimulation for ejaculation). The benefits are not only for men, but also for women.


  • Pleasure for longer. The longer it takes to achieve an orgasm, the more intense and pleasant it will be. The retardant condom can be your best ally to enjoy a little more.
  • Experience the entire kamasutra. In a normal sex session, you know it lasts about 25 minutes. However, many times they do not manage to do as many positions as they would like. With retardant condoms, this may be possible before reaching orgasm.
  • Best ally for ejaculation problems. Premature ejaculation can make the moment uncomfortable, embarrassing, or scary. In addition to resorting to retardant condoms, it is also important to go to a specialist doctor and treat the problem.

Reactions of retarding condom use

  • It can cause irritation or allergy due to its components.
  • In case of inflammation, irritation or burning on the skin, you should avoid its use.
  • Avoid using this condom if you have an allergy to latex rubber or benzocaine.
  • Try not to put it near your eyes or mouth to avoid skin reactions.
  • It only works for vaginal or anal sex, never oral sex.


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