Benefits of circumcision to avoid STIs

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When they talk to us about sex, they explain little to us about what a penis should be like to know if it has more or less risk of transmitting a sexually transmitted disease or infection. They only tell us that we should use a condom to avoid pregnancy or disease, but no one talks to us about circumcision.

For starters, what is it?

It is a surgery to remove the foreskin (skin fold that covers and protects the tip of the penis). The foreskin serves to give the penis sensation and lubrication. Circumcision is usually done when the baby is newborn. However, no one talks about the risks or benefits it could bring. If the surgery is performed in older children or adults, it may be due to a problem with the foreskin (such as phimosis or paraphimosis) or swelling at the tip of the penis.

STIs and circumcision

A circumcised penis reduces the likelihood that a man will have the symptoms of genital herpes or the human papillomavirus. Be careful, circumcision does NOT protect you from infection, but it can help you have fewer complications. According to some scientists, this operation reduces the risk of showing symptoms of genital herpes by almost 25% and that of HPV by 35%

In fact, couples who know they have any of these infections should always have safe sex. This way they would avoid any risk and enjoy their sexuality responsibly. In addition, it must be remembered that this operation is not a method to avoid contracting an STI.

Go to the doctor

Before making an impulsive decision, it would be best for the man to go to the doctor to find out all the details. This way you will also know if the patient is in a position to undergo this surgery and if it is the best option for him. Remember that the most important thing is your well-being.

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