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It was a few years ago that I met him. A friend introduced me to him, he had just arrived in the city and needed someone to guide him for a few days. So I agreed, my friend had told me that this guy had a girlfriend at home. However, the connection between the two was undeniable.

The ideal boy but with a girlfriend

We had the same interests, the same tastes, and I got on better with him than with almost anyone else. Needing to find a place to live, I offered him my house while I found something else. A couple of days at my house turned into 2 months. I go from sleeping in the guest bed to my bed. At first we excused ourselves with having fallen asleep watching TV, until finally he took the first step to talk about our feelings.

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“I have an open relationship”

In other words, both he and his girlfriend agreed that they could date other people as well. He had never spoken to his girlfriend, but he trusted her word. The day came when he told his girlfriend that he was dating me and that’s where I started dating a partner. Being the third person in an open relationship is not fun, especially when he was talking to the girlfriend and I was dying of jealousy.

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We started to be a dysfunctional couple

Since I accepted the open relationship, my jealousy appeared very often. He and I argued all the time. He even brought his girlfriend into the conversation to compare myself to her. The discussions only circled the fact that there was someone else in the relationship (his girlfriend)

I compared myself to all the girls he looked at and wondered if he would choose them over me. Every time he thought about his other girlfriend, I felt inadequate to the point of getting sick to my stomach. Little by little I fell into a great depression.

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I decided to end the relationship

After ending my open relationship, I realized that I needed to value myself again and stop shopping with other women. But above all not to give my heart to someone with an open relationship.

I continue to fully support polyamorous couples and open relationships, but I also know that being a part of one doesn’t work for me personally.


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