7 things I miss with my soul since the quarantine began

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We all miss something in this quarantine and surely what I miss does not remotely resemble yours. We all led such a carefree life a year ago, with the Christmas preparations, the trips. Life was running and today it continues to do so. Perhaps this year brought more understanding to the world than many other critical situations.

However, that does not mean that many of the things we loved today are not available. This is what I’ve missed the most since the quarantine began.

1.- Swim and go to the gym

Exercising at home is perfect, but there is nothing like having a place where you have everything at your fingertips. I quite miss diving into the water every day and swimming as many laps as my body can handle. Swimming for me has always been a pleasure of those who will never leave my life and being honest is also a big part of my peace of mind.

The quarantine is affecting the mental health of everyone, but mainly of children

2.- Running in the morning in the cold

There are few experiences in this life that are more worthwhile to my perception than to spend a morning waking up while the light is just beginning to be seen in the street. The sounds of the city waking up and even the smell of the earth in the morning, I really miss going for a run without the fear of returning and infecting my family.

Effects of quarantine on my life

3.-Go out at night with friends

Even in the daytime and in unexciting places, he might be happy with a little roast beef and friends. Getting away from everyone and not being able to hug and greet your loved ones well is horrifying. Never in this world have I imagined what life would be like without a hug or a kiss. Even dating is tricky.

4.-Eating out just because

Woman taking selfie with family on christmas eve. European family taking selfie during Christmas dinner .;

It’s these little things you did just because you could. Go out because you have nothing better to do and find a good place to eat. Life was much simpler, but the truth is that we were all very disconnected from absolutely everything.

5.-Have freedom

To go out without a mask and feel the air on your face. Simple things like going outside without having to go back for your mask was great. Sometimes I miss seeing the smile of the people who serve me after the cafe on the corner and of course I miss having long conversations with the drivers of the transport that I used to drink so much before.

6.-Not having to worry about infecting anyone


Right now, what matters most to me is not infecting my parents. That is a great burden for me because if I were living alone, things would be different. I would have more freedom to go out, but when you have people you love around, things get a bit complicated.

7.-Visit my grandmother 🙁


It is difficult to live with your parents, but even more so to visit your grandparents when you live in a city like the one I live in. When you know that most of the population cannot care too much about their health. Spending a year without seeing the people you love the most is frustrating, quite sad in my opinion.

Anyway, better times will come and by the time this happens I hope that many of the people who today feel lost have already found themselves.


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